Salève Foundation

Salève Foundation


The Salève Foundation was created in 2019 with a broad mandate of strengthening the capacity, improving the welfare, and developing the economic and social environment of underprivileged persons and populations, especially women and children. Under its first strategy, the foundation seeks to contribute to increased and lasting access to secondary school, skills-building, and vocational training for girls and women who are vulnerable to social, economic, or political exclusion or gender-based violence through grantmaking, advocacy, and other partnerships.

The Foundation is named after the Salève, a small mountain on the foothills of the Alps. The name was chosen because of the mountain’s proximity to Geneva, where the Foundation is based. As well, in French “Salève” is a homophone of “Ça lève,” which means “it lifts up.” Lifting up individuals and communities in need, in close partnership with those people, is at the core of the Salève Foundation’s mandate.

The website is currently being developed. For inquiries about the Foundation, please use the Contact Us form.

View from the Salève